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I certify that to the best of my knowledge all statements are true and complete. False fraudulent or misleading information may be grounds for denial of tenancy or subsequent eviction. Non-Refundable Processing Fee Check/Money Order Applicant understands that he/she acquires no rights in an apartment until a holding deposit in the amount of has been paid. Applicant requests landlord to hold Unit for applicant while the screening process is completed. If this application is not accepted the...
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing rs
Hi this is Joe from elese agreement comm and today we're going to fill out a month-to-month lease agreement now just to start off a month-to-month lease agreement is an agreement between a landlord and a tenant person who owns property to someone who's looking at rent property and the month a month is has no set date where it ends it those lease just keeps on going until either the tenant or landlord gets 30 days written notice on what the other one has to do whether it's get evicted if one wants to pay less rent or if one wants to pay more rent what you do you just keep sending notice to one another so that's basically what a month month lease agreement is but let's fill this thing out number one is this legal document reasons in the lease agreement beginning on and we'll just say January 1st 2013 landlord and timid modify or terminate this isn't any time I'm giving how many days notice most of the time it's 30 I mean we put it in here because some people like to maybe give 60 or 90 but the standard is 30 so I would just recommend putting that in there at any time this lease agreement is between holders right in it's in a corporation called landlord ink with a mailing address of just 290 Alton Road which is our office in Beach Florida three three one thirty nine ten I'll say his name is Joe Schmoe but typically you read the obvious with the tenants name in here agrees to these premises located will stay right next to our office I need to Alton Road Miami Florida code 33 139 this is just says for only residential use and landlord agrees to include the furnishings and appliances I subscribed if you have a lot of things then I would suggest just writing see addendum and then listing all your if it's a furnished place couches everything else but if it's empty obviously just leave this blank if there are common areas this is most of the time used in inner city if there's a restriction on the common areas like you have to always wear shoes in common areas I mean it could be anything and sometimes landlords could get carried away and say you don't only bring groceries through in the back door and all that stuff again if you there are a lot of restrictions you just do the same thing up here and just say see addendum alterations tenant may or may not make alterations alterations are basically the standard you know Canaan tenet change the color of the paint on the wall change the room around redo the kitchen I doubt that the tenant would be doing any of these things but if you decide that the tenant can do it you just click this otherwise he's gonna have to get your permission this is another big one pets can the tenant have pets I know right now with this recession going on landlords are becoming more and more lenient and clicking this box but it's all totally up to the landlord and then this box is just if there's so you don't tense but there's a don't allow pets but the tenant has a incline it has a hawaiian-themed dog then you just you know fill in...